Sauce For Braised Ginger Prawn 80g

Product Description
Braised Ginger Prawns is a popular Cantonese cuisine which has a strong emphasis on seafood as the main ingredient. Ginger is added to enhance the flavor of seafood. The light gingery-salty combination of this sauce brings out the full flavor of your dish.
Our Product Unique Selling Point
1. No added MSG
2. Flat, convenient packaging for easy storage
3. One time cook only
4. Can be used as a marinade and cooking sauce. 
Recipe for Stir - Braised Ginger Prawns (2 Servings)
1. 500g prawns (unshelled)
2. Cooking oil
1. Heat 2 Tbs oil in wok / pan. Add 500g prawns. Stir - fry until prawns turn pink, but not fully cooked.
2. Add to pan Sauce for Braised Ginger Prawns and simmer over low heat until prawns are cooked.
3. Serve with rice.
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