Ginger Seafood Sauce 210ml

Product Description
A viscous red colour sauce with a combined taste of ginger and chilli to enhance and intensify the taste of your dishes.
Our Product Unique Selling Point
1. Gluten free
2. No added MSG
3. No preservatives
4. No artificial colouring
5. Convenient small sized packaging for the small-sized family who are more adventurous in their cooking style.
Recipe for Crunchy Squid in Ginger Seafood Sauce (2 Servings)
1. 300g squid
2. 4 Tbs All Purpose Flour
3. Garlic (Chopped)
4. 4 Tbs of Yuen Chun Ginger Seafood Sauce
5. 2 Tbs Yuen Chun Light Soy Sauce
6. A pinch of pepper
1. Clean squid, cut into 1/2 cm to 1cm width rings.
2. Mix the all - purpose flour with Yuen Chun Light Soy Sauce and pepper.
3. Coat the squid rings with the mixture (2).
4. Heat oil to high heat, deep - fry the squid until golden brown.
5. Drain the oil and put the squid onto a plate.
6. Heat 1/2 Tbs of oil, stir fry garlic until light brown and fragrant.
7. Add in Yuen Chun Ginger Seafood Sauce and bring to boil.
8. Pour the squid into the sauce, coat squid with sauce and serve.
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